Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Monkeys | Costa Rica

During our boat tour of the Palo Verde National Park, we cruised along the shores looking for these darling little white faced monkeys. They are so small, I could have taken one home and kept it as a lap monkey! They LOVE bananas and scurry around trying to get as much of the handouts from the tourists as they can. These are wild monkeys, living in the jungle of the Palo Verde National Park. Not one thing about these monkeys is tame other than them knowing boats+white people/tourists=FREE FOOD!

Some of the monkeys jumped on to the top of our boat and reached down and grabbed banana out of our hands like the little guy below.

The monkey below had banana in both of his hands, a piece in his mouth and he still wanted more! Greedy little monster! He was literally a foot away from my face just giving me the googly, sappy, feed me eyes.

When our guides first let us start feeding the monkeys, the monkeys opened their mouths and exposed two huge fang teeth. We were thinking, "nuh uh, not putting my hand near those incisors!" Turns out they don't use their mouths, but their hands. Duh! Their little paws are so soft and cute! I could have sat there all day (and all week) watching them live in their happy little world.

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