Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls Day | Stillwater

View of Stillwater from North overlooking St. Croix River

A whole week of PTO to myself, with not much planned turned out to be a great week. I think I am going to take a week off like this at least once a year. I got so much done and was able to unwind completely (well mostly).

VJK2 and I spent Tuesday doing a girls day together. We meandered up and down the main drag of Stillwater window shopping and in store shopping.

We drove up to Square Lake in the afternoon and had a beach picnic lunch, dipped in the water, and hung out a few hours under the summer sun.

We then hit the road to Stockholm, WI for some good old fashioned organic, homegrown pizza on the farm at A to Z Farm. We hit a crazy, busy time or this place is no longer the best kept secret. We had 150 minutes to wait for our pizza (it was already 6:30 pm when we put in our order). I didn't budget for that much spare time and only brought one bottle of wine. We managed to eat almost all of the rest of our snack food and drink all of our drinks while waiting. The farm is gorgeous and we spent good quality time people watching. People really get into their dinners on the farm! I saw candelabras, full size tables and chairs with linens, appetizers, card games, yard games, the whole nine yards! It was quite a delightful evening hanging out on the farm. We got our pizza just after 9:30 and scarfed it down. Half of the pizza was called "Italian Garden" loaded with beets and kale and the other half of the pizza was "Sweet and Hot Peppers" loaded with a variety of peppers. It was so FREAKING good!!!

More Pizza on the Farm photos in a separate blog post next!

We headed back to the big city of Minneapolis at about 10:00 pm and prayed so hard we wouldn't run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. I was so caught up in chatting on our way from Stillwater to Stockholm that I completely spaced out checking the gas situation. We were on E for the longest time and knowing we had another 20 miles to go before we had a slight chance of seeing a gas station that might have pay at the pump. We literally rolled into the gas station on fumes and fortunately could pay at the pump. Phew! Crisis diverted.

Another fantastic vacation week evening added to the books! We did learn that "pizza on the farm" is a spreading trend and have a few more farms to check out in the future.

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