Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Mexican Observations

It took me until day three of our vacation to realize that Isla Mujeres isn't as photogenic as Puerto Rico. I was pretty excited to take gazillions of pictures, but once I was in the moment I wasn't feeling "it". By the end of the trip I was tired and bored of taking pictures. That is unheard of! Knowing that feeling was starting to creep up on me, I made it my mission to take pictures of "different" things. "Different" as in things that are not normal to me in my environment or my bubble that I live in in Minnesota. Different is probably not what the natives of Isla Mujeres would say. Normal and expected would be their descriptive words.

I present to you, my readers, my photo journal journey of things that I found to be "random" and "different" --

Dogs. Dogs everywhere. Homeless dogs, beach dogs, store owner dogs - anywhere you can imagine there would be a dog.

Here is a sleepy dog -

Messes and rats nests of cables and wiring. It seems to me that having electricity and cable is a godsend there! Might explain why our hotel telephone was fuzzy and puked out on our last night on the island.

Random empty buildings with random items.

Look a lonely chair! Or is this a sentinel chair? Either way, looks like a great place to hang out to me!

Another deserted building. Our best guess was this was a happening hotel at one time that started to get renovated but never really got anywhere. Just a place for the iguanas to hang out now!

Lots and lots of homemade houses. Some were 100% tarp and wood poles and others were tin roofs with wood poles like below. We even saw houses in trees made out of tarp and wood pallets. Such creativity, truly.
And then sprinkled between the homemade houses were gorgeous castles.

You could take the map of Isla Mujeres and cut it into three pieces -- Centro (downtown), the locals' neighborhood, and then the ginormous mansions on the eastern beach. We later found out that most of the glamorous houses are rentals and are not actually inhabited by the same people year round.

There are four main modes of transportation on Isla Mujeres -- Golf Cart, Bicycle, Scooter and Taxi. There weren't very many cars or trucks on the island. The roads were hardly wide enough for two vehicles to travel on. What we found entertaining was the seemingly lack of care or concern the locals had with driving around on scooters.

See example below -
We saw a family of five smashed onto one scooter on several occasions! We also saw two men on a scooter and the man on the back of the scooter was holding a full size glass shower door on his head!

So many parents held onto their kids with one hand. We even saw a family of three on a scooter and the dad in back held the baby car seat off to the side!! Dustin saw a mom and three kids on a scooter and the mom had tied the baby to the seat in front of her with a t-shirt around her waist. It was a hard pill to swallow seeing the lack of safety!

Another example -- and note that this scooter was going a good 30 mph or faster!

So many walls around all different types of property were lined with smashed bottles sealed in the concrete. Another ingenious idea! A green initiative! Who needs barbed wire, electronic security systems or rottweilers any ways?!

Lots and lots and lots and lots of iguanas. Dustin is deathly afraid of iguanas. My big, strong, protective husband was left weak at the knees almost the entire trip. Every turn we took, every beach we slithered along, every store and restaurant we went to there were wild iguanas with a watchful eye on us. Despite his fear, he sucked it up and went to an iguana park with me. And below, we found an obese iguana. Actually, several obese iguana. They must have drank too many Coronas. Or are 200 years old or something like that.

See grandpa iguana -

A room full of toilets! Every potty trained kid's dream!

Random placement of things for sale. Priced marked in pesos and a collection bin for the money. Considering this is likely someone's livelihood, I find it hard to believe he or she would be trustworthy enough to leave their assets laying in the wide open. 5 pesos for a conch shell - not bad!

Speed bumps! SPEED BUMPS!!! I think that is a Mexico thing. Forget traffic signals or stop signs or giving pedestrians the legal right of way on roads. Just install several speed bumps. In a row. And these aren't little USA-type speed bumps. You can tell by the sign they are not what we consider "normal" speed bumps. Crazy, speed bump inducing madness --

Being a stranger in a foreign country can be fun and highly entertaining!

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Angie said...

Oh, I feel Dustin's pain. Iguanas creep me out too!