Monday, April 18, 2011

Agave Tequilana

On our drive out to Chichen Itza, we saw this amazing field of agave tequilana (known as blue agave). It was truly a stunning sight to see! It wasn't part of our itinerary for the day or even of remote interest to our driver, Sr. Gerardo, but I asked him on the way back to Cancun if he could pull over so I could take pictures. Silly me asked him to stop after we already drove past the farm, but he was kind enough to turn around and drive back 5 miles so I could get these pictures. Unfortunately, the distillery was just closing up for the day when we arrived so we were unable to take a tour. Just a few quick snapshots before the storm rolled on over.

According to Gerry, in his broken English, the blue agave takes a year or so to grow. After the growing phase, the agave is specially harvested and the leaves are broke open/shredded to allow the juices to come out. The juices are fermented for another year and then used to make the tequila. He said this particular brand of tequila is one of the more strong flavors. I am bummed I couldn't find a bottle of it anywhere!

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