Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Thoughts Including the Kardashians, Venison and My Hair

Color no more. I took this photo October 30th. Two weeks later there is not drop of color in our foliage. Bring it on winter, we have had a hell of a year already!

Behind in posting, yes. Daydreaming ceased, not at all.

Some thoughts I have been having...
  • Why does everything on This is Why You're Fat look so damn delicious?
  • I am both attracted and repulsed by the Kardashian family. I strongly believe that if the Kardashian sisters were blonde I would care less about them. Go brunettes!! I even got my anti-sitcom husband to watch the wedding show with me on Sunday.
  • Why hasn't Google featured Snuffy to celebrate Sesame Street's anniversary birthday? Snuffy always scared me as a kid and I never much cared for him. I started caring when I saw neighbor Nick's collection of Snuffy's. He has snuffy's that talk, sing, walk, snuggle. I have never seen so many snuffys in my life prior to hanging out with little Nickster.
  • When it rains, it pours. Work, shmork.
  • I hope someone gets an extra deer so we can stock our freezer full of venison.
  • Started writing wedding thank yous. Several weeks later than we should have according to wedding etiquette. Oops. They are a lot of work!!! I am hand making them so give me some damn credit!
  • Watched The Proposal tonight. Betty White is so cute. Not sure if her chanting and dancing was culturally appropriate, but at her age who cares? She is lookin' good for almost 90!
  • Window shopped in Stillwater on Saturday. I used to think antiquing was lame, that is, until I walked into a couple of antique shops. I smell an addiction coming on.
  • Thinking about getting brave and baking up our leftover pumpkins for pie and bars. We shall see if I get courageous enough.
  • I learned what marriage hair is and to not have marriage hair. It is mighty tempting to chop off my locks. I am testing my latest theory that people will take me more seriously if I wear my hair down rather than in ponies. I have no measures to truly test the theory other than reactions.
  • I have been "meaning" to write a thoughtful post on my "year of WTFs" and working with intelligent people. Not all in the same breath. Soon to come dear internets, soon enough.

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