Monday, April 27, 2009

Lake Life

Next month will mark my 8th year of living in the Twin Cities. To this day, people still do not comprehend the landscape of the area I grew up in. For some reason "lakes and trees" always equates to "farms." It befuddles me as to how many people think that Northern MN is all farmland. To prove it is not, I have included a shot of the exact area I was born and raised. See all the lakes? That is probably a 15 mile span from left to right and another 15 from top to bottom. See? Lakes (and trees, not as obvious). Which also explains why I specialized in repairing outboard motors. They were just a bit more popular than any other type of motor in the summer months.

For comic relief, I zoomed into a few of the fun lake names around my stomping grounds and included below. All I can say is, "I want that job of naming lakes!"

Someone had too much fun -- Jack the Horse Lake, Johnson Lake and Little Dick Lake

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