Friday, May 30, 2008

Strange or Normal Collections?

After reading an article on the strangest collections on Neatorama's website
( I thought what better to list my collections or even start new collections! I refound some collections since packing and unpacking all of our stuff over the past month.

Current collections between Dustin and Myself:

  • magnets (Sarah)
  • shot glasses (Dustin)
  • golf balls (Dustin)
  • smushed pennies (Sarah)
  • postcards (Sarah)
  • pennants (Dustin)
  • baseball cards (Dustin)
  • hockey pucks (Dustin)
  • greeting cards sent to me/us
  • PLANTS!!!! (Sarah)

I won't even get started on my collection of books and photos...I have multiple bookcases for those!

Collections I have grown out of and either still have or working on purging (and we won't ask "why" because I have no answers):

  • receipts (from ALL purchases)
  • anything with a cow print pattern or looked like a cow
  • anything printed in Spanish (books, cards, etc)
  • Noah's Ark stuff (will probably keep this stuff for my kids someday)
  • Magazines (still have my Disney Adventures magazines from years ago)
  • Babysitter's Club books and memorabilia
  • Iron ore pellets
  • rocks (I had a super cool rock that had metallic properties and left behind glitter when touched....I kind of miss that rock)
  • stamps
  • pen pals across the world (I usually managed to get them to send me their currency which I still have to this day from Egypt, Greece, Malaysia, Spain...the list goes on)
  • Pepsi cans from the late 1980s to early 1990s

Collections I am embarrassed to admit I have:

  • Hotel shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash - these I need to get rid of!! Ideas? Homeless shelters?
  • Emails (back in the day - 1996ish - I printed off every single email sent and received and put them all in three ring binders.)
  • 1994 Dodge Ram memorabilia (when the body style changed from big, old and boxy to sleek and boxy - to this day I swear I will never own a Dodge Ram)
  • Buttons - a drawer full of the extra buttons that come with sweaters, button up shirts and suits.

Ideas for strange collections? Anyone care to share their collections strange or otherwise?


Angie said...

I swear I commented on this post already but I don't see it. I wondered if your smushed pennies were naturally smushed, or if you make them in those penny-smushing machines found in all good tourist traps.

Sarah said...

Yeah, these are the pennies from tourist traps. I wanted to try smashing pennies on the railroad track when we lived in Coon Rapids but never did! :)