Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Accomplishments of 2007

Here is my formal list of accomplishments (in no particular order) for 2007:
  1. Graduated with my BA in Marketing (minor in Management)!
  2. Got a new job (after being at MI for nearly 5 years) with the State.
  3. Managed to take 3 college classes, work one full time job, train for Karate and have a life!
  4. Went to Las Vegas for a week for Dustin and my birthday's.
  5. Went to the Hoover Dam on my birthday. Ate dinner at the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock Hotel.
  6. Changed my lifestyle due to health issues in December 2006
  7. Met Dustin's Dad's side of the family
  8. Went fishing up north several times over the summer...almost caught the largest snapper ever!
  9. Started my car on fire....and survived!
  10. Got a flat tire in the Lot Q parking lot...same night also got two new tires!
  11. Refinanced my car - bringing the loan repayment period down from 3 years to 2 years and also lowered the APR to 5.4%.
  12. Celebrated Johnny's high school graduation in Green Bay (helluva party) and in Minnesota. Go Johnny!
  13. Rang in the 2007 New Year in Green Bay during 60 degree weather and rain. What a night!
  14. Rented a new, log cabin with Dustin over Memorial Day Weekend on Woman Lake in Hackensack, MN and had the biggest blast ever!
  15. Bought an iMac G4.
  16. Bought a brand, spanking new Mac Pro.
  17. Got all A's in every class I took at both colleges throughout 2007.
  18. Got subs in my car.
  19. Went to the Minnesota Zoo for the first time.
  20. Went to the MN State Fair once - probably the hottest day of the year.
  21. Went to the Art Shanty project on Medicine Lake.
  22. Took a roadtrip of Southern Minnesota and went to the Covered Bridge in Zumbrota; the Rose lined road in Kenyon, MN; stopped at the falls in Canon Falls, MN; searched for and found the Tilt-a-Whirl home in Faribault, MN; viewed and photographed several churches in Faribault, MN; stopped off and looked at the remains of the 35W bridge.
  23. Graduated in Duluth at the DECC on 12/16/07.
  24. Toured the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth.
  25. Celebrated summer with friends at a pig roast in August.
  26. Celebrated friends' children's birthdays over bonnies and drinks.
  27. Celebrated summer with friends over bonnies (including tires and entire trees) and cocktails.
  28. Attended jewelry parties of friends.
  29. Went strawberry picking with my mom (then made lots of strawberry filled foods).
  30. Wandered the streets of Eagan one glorious evening in June.
  31. Went to several concerts -- including P.O.S and the Gym Class Heroes.
  32. Brought Mom and Meg to Rollerderby in October.
  33. Went to the Como Conservatory to escape the sub-zero temperatures (took many photos for class).
  34. Went to Dodgeville, Wisconsin to go camping and tour the House on the Rock. Dustin met my Aunt and Uncle from Tennessee. We got lost and had tons of fun in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. I heart Tom's campground.
  35. Helped Meg move twice - once in May and once in November.
  36. Went to the Mississippi Headwaters and the Mouth of the Mississippi with Linda, Vanessa and Jessie. Linda got a speeding ticket - probably the funniest MI memory I have ever had.
  37. Volunteered at the Humane Society Walk for Animals and took hundreds of pictures of dogs and walkers.
  38. Took walks through Minnehaha Falls park and through the Coon Rapids Dam Park
  39. Played lots of arcade games with Misty in Maple Grove.
  40. Went to a show at Varsity Theatre with Misty.
  41. Went to one movie (The Simpsons) with Meg and Jenna.
  42. Survived the February snow DUMP! Work was not closed so I had to truck it in through the deep snow.
  43. Made frenemies with Gold Tooth and Bunny Lady. Still not so sure about Rainbow Brite.
  44. Did several photo shoots during the first half of the year...most memorable with Val and Vanessa.
  45. Bid farewell to friends moving across the country (much loved and missed).
  46. Made new friends!
  47. Went to my first Vikings game.
  48. Went to see Monster Trucks a couple times!
  49. Brought Dustin's G-parents to a Twins game.
  50. Went to a St. Paul Saints baseball game.
  51. Bar hopped on Grand Ave.
  52. Partied at the Kim-fested pad in Eagan.
  53. Went to two dinner theatre shows at the Seasons.
  54. Went to the Renaissance Festival in Minnesota (drank Mead for the first time -yum!)
  55. Went down to the Wabasha street bridge and froze my appendages off taking night photos with Misty.

Here are some of my favorite moments captured in these photos (scroll down to see):

Boys being boys at a bonfire in July
Sarah and Meg at Woman Lake
Dustin at the Minnesota Zoo
Dustin and Meg in Green Bay
Cool Trees along the Mississippi River
Strawberries picked by Sarah and Mom
Mississippi Headwaters

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Angie said...

Good for you!
I want to hear more about your car on fire. I also went to my first Vikings game in 2007…forgot to put that in my own blog. It's a BLAST, isn't it?
Love, love, love your new blog and can't wait to read more 